mer. 20.11.2019  09:30 - 13:00 Uhr
 Festhalle Denkendorf, Konferenzräume 1. OG


09:30 o'clock - 13:00 o'clock

The Incoterms 2020 were published on September 10. These are a good basis for all supply contracts. The revision was intensively accompanied by the VDMA and proposals of the German working group were included in the new version. There are no fundamental changes, but many detail improvements that we will present to you.

The subject of large-volume and heavy transport is of particular importance for some branches of mechanical engineering. At present, the processing times of the exemptions necessary for the implementation are increasing sharply again. The VDMA is working with many other associations to find a remedy, and has set up a central working group with branches in Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. We will report on the current status and discuss the topic with you as the affected person.

The long-running issue of aviation security will continue to occupy us. On 14.10.2019 a telephone conference with the Federal Ministry of Transport took place in Bonn. It is to be expected that finally the processes for necessary adjustments of procedures will be coordinated with all participants in advance. The interrupted exchange with the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt is put on a new basis. We report on the current status of our activities and ask for a lively exchange of experiences.

At an individual event organised by the East German Association on the subject of lithium batteries, it became clear that there was still a need for clarification. We report briefly on the results of this survey and would like to discuss this topic with you: hardly anyone will be able to say today that "we do not use Li-batteries", because today they are installed in many parts and replace conventional batteries. But hardly anyone thinks about the dangerous goods properties of these products with far-reaching consequences when something happens.

Bring in your experiences and/or exchange your thoughts with your colleagues from other member companies and with the speakers. We are looking forward to an open discussion among the participants. We cordially invite you and your colleagues to our experience exchange event.
We are also happy to receive your suggestions and other topics and look forward to an exciting exchange of experiences with you and your active participation in the discussions.
Wednesday, November 20, 2019
09:30 to approx. 13:00 o'clock or 13.45 to approx. 17:15 o'clock
Festhalle Denkendorf Conference rooms 1st floor Mühlhaldenstraße 111
73770 Denkendorf
Conference venue:
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