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IAS Focus Issues 2018-2021

Shortly after the appointment of the new IAS Management Board in September 2018, the development of the main topics for the next 3 years was started quickly. The aim is to accompany and support the member companies as best as possible in their daily and future challenges.

Four main topics were identified:

1. technological focal points

  • OPC UA
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Virtual digital representation and data processing
  • E-Mobility: Opportunities and risks of electrifying the powertrain for IAS

2. resource-oriented priorities

  • Young talent and shortage of skilled workers
  • Development of software competencies

3. market-oriented focal points

  • Focus Competitive Market China
  • Focus on NAFTA as an important customer market
  • Identify trends at an early stage through studies, statistics and events

4. networking, visibility and community building

  • Promote active IAS community, even with small agile formats
  • Provide a platform for exchange and cooperation
  • Making IAS visible to the public

In order to further prioritise the topics, a mood picture was obtained from the members.

The members rated the following topics as very important:

  1. OPC UA "the world language of the machine" (80%)
  2. Young talent and skilled workers (79%)
  3. Virtual Commissioning and Digital Twin (74%)
  4. Active IAS community (74%)
  5. AI and Machine learning (65%)
  6. View of China as a future competitive market (65%)
  7. View towards NAFTA, as an important sales market (56%)
  8. E-Mobility (50%)
  9. Public relations (30%)

The complete results of the survey can be found here.

Active IAS Formats

The annual specialist department meeting enables members to exchange professional and personal information on current topics in the industry at top management level. Further information can be found here.

OPC UA is the interoperability standard of the industry 4.0. Also the IAS develops with the members OPC UA Companion Specifications. Further information can be found here.

Mit dem im Mai 2017 gegründeten Arbeitskreis "Handmontage wird digital" möchten wir gemeinsam mit Forschern, Herstellern und Anwendern digitaler Assistenzsysteme die aktuellen Anforderungen, Potenziale und Herausforderungen für die Gestaltung und Etablierung dieser Systeme am Montagearbeitsplatz diskutieren und Lösungen erarbeiten. Weitere Inforamtionen finden Sie hier.